GM lame by GM Factory srl

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Blades Endurium®

GM Factory is the exclusive importer of the blades Endurium made with the best materials and latest technology to ensure an optimum cutting quality and a considerable length of time

3/15 EN 43.0022.000.153 HoleCeramic Coated
3/20 EN 43.0022.000.203 HoleCeramic Coated
3/30 Ceram. 43.0022.000.303 HoleSolid Ceramic
70.36 EN 57.0019.000.38SlottedCeramic Coated
65 GT Ceram. 57.0019.000.38SlottedSolid Ceramic
85 GT Ceram. 57.0019.000.63SlottedSolid Ceramic
60 EN-S Steel
60 EN Coated
60 GT Ceram. Ceramic
63 GT Ceram. Ceramic

All measurements are in millimeters.