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GM lame industriali is a division of GM Factory srl, a company specializing in manufacturing and distribution with high performance.

Gm lame inherits the long experience of Gamerro Ltd, a company which since 1922 has dealt with industrial blades.

The transformation and the subsequent name change intended to highlight the growing managerial leading GM Factory to propose solutions to the top.

Welcome to the italian site dedicated to industrial blades improved graphics and speed of use to make our Customers a service that is always timely and accurate.

Green Line
GREEN LINE is a new line of blades designed for recycling, in particular that of the plastic. GM Lame catalog offers a new line of blades for specific shredders, crushers, etc., the most famous brands: EREMA, GALA, MUNCHY, BERINGER, NGR. The blades do not find here can be produced ad hoc.
Industrial knives
GM lame is able to supply the widest assortment of spare blades for industrial knives. Our online catalog allows you to find the right match between the blade and the knife so as to ensure the best performance.
Blades on drawing
Since 2009 we can supply industrial blades and ad hoc blades for the most popular cutting machines. Contact us for a quote and we will give the right blade!